Governor's Message


Dear Region Leaders and Members,

We are entering the last six months of the 2016-18 biennium.  Our Region Biennial Theme, CATCH THE DREAM, has morphed at least twice: DARE TO DREAM; INVESTING IN DREAMS.  My thought is that TOGETHER, we have continued to embrace the DREAM concept of helping women and girls at a level higher than even we could have imagined when we began this journey together!  Our taglines represent our commitment to helping others (and ourselves) continue their (our) quest to delve in possibilities (goals, aspirations, purpose, desire, ambition).   

2017 was challenging for many.  The year tested confidences and many spirits were shaken.  For some, every two steps they took forward resulted in five steps backwards.  A friend once shared:  “The me that I see in the mirror is the me that I encounter . . . If I see a fearful me in the mirror, then I fear every interaction.  If I see and think misery is around every corner, then misery will greet me at every turn.  But if I look in that mirror and see someone phenomenal, if I see my capabilities, then my day is filled with the power of me!”   I have heard so many people bid farewell to 2017 because it was a very difficult and demanding year.  Let’s agree that the past is her-story . . . Whether effortless or challenging; self-confident or self-critical; lighthearted or brokenhearted; gratifying or melancholy. . . It’s over.  The 2017 book of memories has been written. 

Now, we have an entire new book of blank pages with endless possibilities to record.  So . . . Let’s resolve . . . fresh starts, new chances, more adventures.

2018:  One year (amazing opportunities) – 12 months (success) – 52 weeks (laughter) – 365 days (fun) – 8,760 hours (joy) – 525,000 minutes (good health) – 31,536,000 seconds (happiness)

With a new year comes an opportunity to invest in a new attitude and embark on new journeys.  Let’s use our collective power to impact and change our world.  Let’s smile at a stranger, perform random acts of kindness, and minimize our complaints.  Let’s plan to greet more people throughout the day, laugh loudly and often, and cry more happy tears than those from sadness, frustration or anger.  Let’s call our inner strength into action and remember that a new year brings hope. 

I implore you to believe in yourself.  You deserve the best that life can offer!

Happy New Year!