Governor's Message

Dear Region Leaders and Members,  

As we close out the 2016-17 Club Year, I can’t help reflecting on our journey.  We started out the year talking about sharing our collective Soroptimist stories . . . and share we did.  We built a strong networking team – Board Members, GEMs, Region/Federation Chairs, Club Presidents, and Members.  We shared our successes and our trials in an effort to make each other better.  We supported each other.  We were visible in our communities.  And, we left a definite Soroptimist imprint on the women and girls served throughout the Camino Real Region.

Our stories did not go unnoticed!  Many (stories) were recognized by other civic organizations, our local legislators, and our Federation!  The Camino Real Region is, dare I say, renowned.  We worked hard; played hard; and, our energies were not wasted.  Throughout the year we shared achievements, accomplishments and triumphs of Clubs and individual members.  Here are the latest (since Spring Conference) . . .

Congratulations to:

  • Kelly Fogarty (SI Manhattan Beach). Kelly has been appointed to the 2017-19 SIA Fundraising Council.  
  • ALL Camino Real Region Clubs for their support of Club Giving.  We were recognized at the SIA Governors’ Round Table for our 100% effort!  Thank you to our Fundraising Chair Ana Marie LeNoue for working with all of us to ensure this honor.  Thank you to each club for seeing the value of giving to our own organization!    
  • SI Alhambra/San Gabriel/San Marino for winning the All Aboard the Membership (SIA Member and Club Campaign).  They were recognized for outstanding performance in retention of new members during 2016-17.   
  •  SI Simi Valley for winning the 2016-17 Celebrating Success Award for its award-winning project Ongoing Public Awareness.  
  •  Camino Real Region for its Outstanding Dream Program“Beyond the Cash Award” (2017 Live Your Dream Winners Brunch at Spring Conference)  

Governor-elect Barbara and I were so very proud to represent you at the 2017 Governors’ Table.  We were acknowledged over and over during the weekend for the amazing endeavors of our clubs and members.  The Governors from other Regions send their congratulations to each and every one of you for our collective forward thinking and our outreach!  As I said, our stories were noticed!  Our stories were acknowledged!  Our stories were compelling enough to win top honors among our colleagues.  Thank you everyone!

Slowly, we are finalizing Volume 1 (2016-17) of our Soroptimist Story and preparing it for the archives.  But before we do that, please click on the attached link and enjoy more than 300 pictures from our Spring Conference.  These can be shared with members and family.  They can be copied and printed.  There are no restrictions.  I have a master flash drive with 1000+ more (mostly duplicates), so if there is something you don’t see let me know and I can loan you the master to review.

The Future Begins Here – The Dream Continues!  We look forward to another award-winning year and many accomplishments to come.  Please remember to mark your calendars for our Region activities for 2017-18.  Feel free to forward this message to the new leadership in your club!  Remember to notify your District Director and Secretary Liz Mirzaian of your new leaders (names, contact information) as soon as possible so that we can begin sending all communications their way.  In the meantime, please continue to forward any notices from the Region to your new president until we get an accurate list of 2017-18 officers. 

  •  Saturday, August 19 – Presidents’ Summer Leadership Summit, 9 am – 3 pm (There will be a nominal fee to cover materials and meals.  Look for the registration packet in late July.)   Location: Manhattan Beach.  Note:  This is for Presidents (or designee) only.   
  •  Saturday, August 19 – Treasurers’ Workshop, 1 – 3 pm (There is no fee for this meeting).  Location: Manhattan Beach.  Note:  This is for Treasurers (or designee) only.   
  •  Saturday, October 14 – Fall Workshop, 9 am – 3 pm (information will be shared at the Presidents’ Leadership Summit in August.)  Location: Simi Valley.  Note:  This is for ALL members.  
  •  ·         Saturday, January 6, 2018 – Presidents’ Winter Leadership Summit, 9 am – 3 pm.  Location: Oxnard.  Note:  This is for Presidents (or designee) only.   
  •  April 20-22, 2018 – Spring Conference.  Location:  Warner Center Marriott, Woodland Hills.  Note:  This is for ALL members.  

  Thank you for allowing me the honor, privilege, and opportunity to serve as your Governor.  I am looking forward to Volume 2 (2017-18)! 


 Enjoy your summer break.  Safe travels to all . . .


 Governor Ginger